You can download the distributions of this plugin, Primitive tsxPython (ptsxpy), for trueSpace (tS) series here. Please take a brief look at Requirement, License, and Disclaimer first.

Warning: Almost all methods (functions) have been roughly tested but the project is on "Beta test" stage. Please run at your own risk.


Download Files

Last modified: 2023-04-20


There is no installer for this plugin. The sequence you should do for the installtion is to download, unzip, and copy to a folder under the "tsx" folder of your trueSpace. Please note that one of the downloaded files is used as is in the form of a zip file. Don't unzip extracted from a * file.

Step-1. Check your Microsoft runtime library.

Make sure that following runtime library has already been installed in your conputer. If not, search for it in the MS's site and install. It's required for ptsxpy to use the console window.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86)

Step-2. Select the official Python DLL version Python3 or Python2 you would like to download.

Each of these Python versions has different specification (e.g. print( "Hello!") for Python3 scripts and print "Hello!" for Python2 scripts). In some cases, a single script you wrote can be executed in both the Python 2 and Python 3 environments, but in some cases the execution results may be different or an error may occur in one environment due to the difference of the specification between Python versions. It's safer that you decide exactly which Python version your scripts should run on before proceeding your work.

I use Python3

Step-3. Select Python3 files tab below and download a file.

Python3 files

Step-4. Download the official Python3 file below if you don't have it yet.

If you have already had the same version with below, skip this and select ptsx3py files tab in the upper right.

This file is a copy (distribution) from The ptsxpy plugin was tested with this version. Newer Python version might not suit to the plugin. Please read License tab above to know about the Python distributions, and Quick Start tab above to know how to install".


    4 times. Last downloaded on 2023-10-30 16:53 UTC
    Size: 3.56 MB (3,731,444 bytes)
    Date: 2023-09-30 00:23 UTC
    MD5: 735e0e6efd5826e1486282e3dfdf949a
    SHA256: d5576cf1552c12be73da5dc6a4ac1aaede5193a6f1849bb2bcc5b64503e768c1

Step-5. Select ptsx3py files tab in the upper right to download ptsxpy files.