trueSpace7.6 Model View - Unofficial Quick Card - Toolbars and Icons

An old-fashioned 3D tool? Did you make sure that?
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trueSpace7.6 Model View - Unofficial Quick Card - Toolbars and Icons

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(rough image)
(rough image)
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This is an icon map where all toolbars (8 standard toolbars and 15 context sensitive toolbars) and popup icons in the "Model" side of tS7.6/tS7.61 are included (but no other icons like ones on setting panels). Please feel free to download a zipped jpg and/or pdf below. (Any font is not embedded in the pdf. It requires Arial font family.)

- This is not any official information by the developer/vender of trueSpace.
- The name of some toolbars, popup icon groups, and subgroups are defined in PDFMan (Official documents) but the descriptions are not completed nor consistent. I gave them tentative names and sequence number according to older trueSpace versions.
- Many icon name labels in the English versions are not aligned to center. Most of white spaces are for multilingualization. (There is the English-Japanese bilingual version in another topic)
- The file(s) and this text could be revised without notice.

- The author will not be held liable for any damage, disadvantages or expenses by using the file.

Special thanks to Cellulo and United3dArtists members for providing parts, advices, and warm words.
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