Primitive tsxPython, another Python interpreter plugin for trueSpace series


Another Python interpreter plugin for trueSpace series


Dear trueSpace users, 3D fans, and passersby!

Thank you for your interest in the plugin for trueSpace (tS) series. Primitive tsxPython (ptsxpy) is a Python interpreter that supports almost all tsxAPI functions defined in the SDK (unlike the original tsxPython included in each tS), would expand the possibilities to manipulate tS, assist your parametric spatial designing, and bring you benefits at various scenes/fields;

  • Generative 3D Modelings for 3D animations, 3D printing, and other large-scale artworks like Projection mappings or Augmented Reality.
  • Materials for presentations, lectures, papers, writing, and Web, etc.
  • Sharing/shaping mathematical/geometrical/spatial thinking/understanding.
  • Students/engineers learning Python language and/or 3D tools.
  • Subject of lifelong learning.
  • Cut-and-try 3D scene designings in short turn around time taking advantage of an interpreter (unlike a compiler).
  • Steady reproduction from a new (empty) scene.
  • To test various values of parameters in tS like physical attributes, shaders, lighting, camera positions, etc.
  • Prototyping to develop trueSpace extensions in C/C++ language.

The version 0.x.x of the plugin are free for both personal and commercial use. Please visit the USER FORUM to get sample scripts, join the discussion about features, bugs, etc, and publish your own works!

Enjoy the plugin!

Thank you,


What is trueSpace?

 trueSpace is a series of 3D tool developed by Caligari corp. You might find some free versions via the net.

toolimg ts4.3
toolimg ts5.1
toolimg ts7.6
tS6.6 side of tS7.6 (free)

ptsxpy sample movies

These are short movies of the genearting process (and/or finished/rendered  by hand) using trueSpace + ptsxpy + Python script. If you cannot see them via your mobile device, please search for "ptsxpy" on the YouTube site. If you cannot see via your PC, please widen the width of your web browser or please zoom out the view.