Background of ptsxpy

What is trueSpace?

trueSpace (tS for short) is a 3D tool developed by Caligari corp and handed over Microsoft corp. The latest version, tS7.*, was released for free. You can find its features or other information via the net. The other versions were not free, except trial versions.

What is Python?

Python is a programming language, and is developed under an open source license administered by the Python Software Foundation: . ptsxpy uses some dll distribution from in order to implement a Python interpreter to trueSpace.


Is ptsxpy freeware?

ptsxpy version 0.*.* are distributed for free.

Is ptsxpy open-source project?

The author does not open source codes of the plugin as of Aug 2018.

User Registration

Do I have to have an account to use ptsxpy?

No. You need not have any account to use. You can use the plugin without any registration unless otherwise stated.

Can I post a topic or leave my reply to a topic without registration?

No. You must register to the FORUM (board). To register, visit the FORUM page and find "Register" button in the top right of the page.

Who can know my registration information to the forum?

I'm the author of the plugin and an only administrator-and-moderator of the main web site and the forum for now. I can know all your registration information except your password. I can know the name, user name, and email address entered in the registration form. I'm not interested in your identifiable information and believe the web hosting service is reliable enough. But the possibility where a malicious attacker may steal it cannot be ruled out. So, it's highly recommended that you don't use identifiable name or important email address.


Are there any communities for the plugin?

Yes, visit the FORUM page. You can register to join in using "Register" button. Registered users can post topics and can leave replies.


What is the advantages of interpreter over compiler?

Users need not wait for completion of compile process, and the source script is executed directly. Please search via the net for further information.

I'm a Mac user. Can I use this plugin?

Unfortunately you cannot run trueSpace directly on Mac. It's not clear whether trueSpace and the plugin run under some virtual Windows environments for Mac.

Are there any sample scripts?

Yes. Please visit the FORUM and find the "Sample ..." page.

Install & Uninstall

How can I install and uninstall? Where is the instruction?

Please read "Quick Start" page

How can I distinguish the version between *.tsx files?

Unlike the *.dll files, the version of *.tsx files cannot be seen by right-click and "Properties". Please temporally rename the file xxxxx.tsx into xxxxx.dll, right-click, select "Properties", and select "Details" tab. Don't forget to rename back to the original. Please read also "Quick Start" page.

Does this plugin write to Windows registry on its installation?

The installation of this plugin is done only by copying some files. However, you must install "Visual C++ Redistributable". Please read also "Requirement" and "Quick Start".

Running Scripts

Any .tsx file does not appear in the file selection dialog when I click the "plug" button. Why?

Make sure that:

    • Did you turn the switch to view "file name extension" so that you can view them? (Use "View" tab for Windows 10, 8, "Folder Options" for Windows 7, Vista, XP.)
    • Did you unzip the distributed "Main" .zip file into the specified directory?
    • Did you locate to the ptsxpy directory using the file selection dialog?
Can I include multibyte characters in my scripts?

You need to let the Python interpreter know the character code you use using a line like, # coding: xxxxx Read also "Script Writing" page.

Trouble Shooting

A pop-up say "Error at tsxDeactivate()". What is this?

Please ignore it. There are a few codes executed at tsxDeactivate() where is the exit of tS plugin. ptsxpy cannot synchronize well with Python DLL, and causes the error.

Other python version is displayed in the console window, Why?

Check if you have installed other Python on your computer. The plugin loads from the Windows system directory if PythonXX.dll exists in it: - C:WindowsSysWOW64 (if 64 bit Windows) - C:WindowsSystem32 (if 32 bit Windows) In this case, please rename or move (or delete) the PythonXX.dll from the directory above before you run your script. You can know the version of the Python implemented in a ptsxpy also using following code: import sys print( sys.version )