Another Python interpreter plugin for trueSpace series

Welcome to ptsxpy

Dear trueSpace users, 3D fans, and you passersby!

Thank you for your interest in this software. The Primitive tsxPython (ptsxpy) is an embedded Python interpreter to manipulate your trueSpace (tS). It supports your tS version 6.6 (i.e. Model side of tS 7.6 or 7.61), 6.0, 5.1, and 4.3. You can select from Python 2 or Python 3 (or both) to write your script.

The development of the 3D tool trueSpace series by Caligari ended many years ago but the final version 7.6 is now free, and you can download tS7.6 and its updated version tS7.61B8 in the United3dArtists site. Some volunteers there are still unofficially improving the trueSpace 7.6 and documentations, and continuing to exchange ideas.

Each tS version has the Caliragi original Python scritping feature "tsxPython" included in it, but its functions are very limited and we can get few information from the official old document with only 17 pages. In fact, we cannot do even a sweep action to an object using the old tsxPython despite tS has the Sweep button.

In contrast, this Primitive tsxPython acts in the lower layer than official tsxPython as the name suggests. Using your Python scripts, you can call almost all tsxAPI functions defined in the SDK documentations (200 thru 300 pages per each tS version) unlike the original tsxPython included in each tS. Some pre-defined classes and contances help your script writing. As a result, You can do almost all things that you can do using tS's plenty Buttons and furthermore you can make also your own widgets appeared when you select an object.

The ptsxpy version 0.x.x are free for both personal and commercial use. Please visit the ptsxpy USER FORUM to get sample scripts, join the discussion about the features or bugs, and publish your own art works!

Enjoy the generative 3D with your trueSpace + ptsxpy!

A sample script generates a sheet with some bones on an empty space, and pulls the movable end.
What do I need to try this plugin?

What you need are the trueSpace (3D tool), a text editor for writing scripts, and a API specification (tsxAPI.doc) by Caligari corporation, etc.

This spec was originally written for a C/C++ programmer, but with this ptsxpy you can call almost all of its API functions from Python scripts you write. However, specs other than for tS6.6 (tS7 Model side) are not available now. This site provides the ability to search for the Syntax online instead. Locate Help - Syntax from the menu above.

To get the tsxAPI.doc for tS6.6 (tS7 Model side), visit United3dArtists's site. Volunteers are continuing to unofficially update tS7.61 (mainly on the Workspace side) and documentation (PDF manual) there.

About the API Syntax search, locate the SYNTAX page from the menu.


How much programming knowledge is required?

Getting into the world of ptsxpy is easier with some understanding of the C/C++ language and pointers, but No deep knowledge of the Python language or of programming is required. Even if you are new to programming, you will be able to experience the joy of manipulating 3D tools while viewing and rewriting sample scripts.

There are quick instructions on the Quick Start tab of the Download page on this site. There also are tutorials, sample scripts, videos of execution results, etc. in the ptsxpy User Forums. We recommend that you modify the sample script little by little at first and check the behavioir of tS.

If you know other programming languages and are new to Python, please note that the number of indentations is significant. See the Quick start for instructions.

What can this be used for?

The ptsxpy would expand the possibilities to manipulate tS, would assist your parametric spatial designing, and would bring you benefits at various scenes/fields:

  • Generative 3D Modelings for 3D animations, 3D printing, and other large-scale artworks like Projection mappings or Augmented Reality.
  • Materials for presentations, lectures, papers, writing, and Web, etc.
  • Sharing/shaping mathematical/geometrical/spatial thinking/understanding.
  • Students/engineers learning Python language and/or 3D tools.
  • Subject of lifelong learning.
  • Cut-and-try 3D scene designings in short turn around time?taking advantage of an interpreter (unlike a compiler).
  • Steady reproduction from a new (empty) scene.
  • To test various values of parameters in tS like physical attributes, shaders, lighting, camera positions, etc.
  • Prototyping to develop trueSpace extensions in C/C++ language.

What is trueSpace? Where can I get it?

trueSpace (tS) is a series of 3D tool developed by Caligari corp. These products are no longer manufactured or sold and are no longer available for purchase, but you can download the latest FREE version trueSpace7 at the United3dArtists's site.

The ptsxpy supports the Model side of trueSpace 7.6 or 7.61. If you have already been a user of the older paid tS product version 6.0, 5,1, 4.3, or other version close to them, then try tpsxpy now!


ptsxpy sample movies

These are short movies of the genearting process (and/or scenes finished/rendered by hand) using trueSpace + ptsxpy + Python script. If you cannot see them via your mobile device, please search for "ptsxpy" on the YouTube site. If you cannot see via your PC, please zoom out or widen the width of your web browser.