Fan (2019)

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Fan (2019)

Post by 3DfromNULL »

This script demonstrates two independent rotations of hierarchically linked objects. It creates parts of a fan and the extending, blades rotation, and head-shaking animation.

How can we obtain the 3D shape of a blade? trueSpace has various tools to model such shape, but an easy way to make similar shape is to use the intersection of a cone and a cylinder.


Please note that the cone's axis of rotation and the cylinder's one are not on a plane.


The image above is the section of the cone after BooleanIntersectionWithCurrobj().


Sliced the section with a cylinder with the same shape.


It's not difficult to add hierarchical rotation for trueSpace as long as the grouping of parts is done properly.

Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: Fan (2019)

Post by Michael_Muse »

Wow, this model looks great and not easy to create. I just recently started to master building animation, and video tutorials on YouTube help me a lot in this, in which the authors describe step by step the creation of 3D models and their animation. I found over a hundred of these videos there, and almost all of them were posted on channels that had more than 88 thousand subscribers! I am sure this is because the owners of such channels often used the services of to quickly increase the number of subscribers.
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