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Welcome to the user forum of Primitive tsxPython (ptsxpy). The ptsxpy is another Python interpreter plugin for trueSpace series. If you don't have "trueSpace" (the main 3D tool for ptsxpy) on your PC, please search its free version via the net and install it. You can install ptsxpy to trueSpace as a plugin (extension). ptsxpy ver 0.*.* is free for personal or commercial use.

Visit main web site using "Return to ptsxpy" button of the forum:
To download the ptsxpy.
To learn about system requirements, installation, and how to start.
To search the syntax of methods (functions), classes, constants, and auxiliary general purpose functions.
To read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
To read brief note for script writing .


The forum consists of some sections. Visit and take a brief look at each room. If you think one or some rooms are lacking, please feel free to request at the room of "request".

You might have many questions to me (the author). You can ask to me via a topic, private message, and contact form, etc., but please wait patiently for the reply from me because I cannot throw myself to only this plugin project. Your User-user discussion/answering must be able to help the project.

Thank you,
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