Simple collision detection (2019)

Author's sample script, wroks, hints.
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Simple collision detection (2019)

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The grid array is generated so that each element does not intersect with the specified text object. The script uses CollisionCheckObjWithScene(), FreeCollisionReport(), and TextCreate(), etc.

Edited on Mar 11 2019:
Corrected the attached script file for tS5, and replaced it from 1c to 1d. Please right-click the ground once after started the script if you run on tS5.
ptsxpy must be 0.0.5 or later for any tS version.
Tested with ( ptsx3py ver.0.0.5, ptsx2py ver.0.0.5 ) x ( tS6.6 of 7, tS5.1 ).

Edited on Mar 12 2019, Apr 26 2021:
This script can be run on tS5 or higher versions because tS4.3 does not have tsxTextCreate() API function. If you try with ts4.3, please replace the text creation with other object (tS4.3 has collision detection API functions).

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