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ptsxpy (Primitive tsxPython)

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Another Python interpreter plugin for trueSpace series. You can execute almost all tsxAPI functions defined in tSx (trueSpace extension) document from your script. The plugin would expand application of your Generative 3D Modelings, 3D animations, and 3D printing, etc. Free download page, User forum, Sample works and scripts, etc.


Sadajiro Tsuchida - 土田 定次郎 (1908-1976)

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Sadajiro.Tsuchida (土田 定次郎, 1908-1976), was a Japanese paleontologist and petroleum geologist.

A scanned image of one of his early writings, "Ore deposits of Chosen (Korea)," has been opened online. One of his grandchildren, TK, transcribed the original text into electronic text, added annotations such as the location on topographic maps to it, and is distributing as a PDF file as "Re-edited Version of Ore deposits of Chosen (Korea)".