You can download the distributions of this plugin, Primitive tsxPython (ptsxpy), for trueSpace (tS) series here. Please take a brief look at Requirement, License, and Disclaimer first.

Warning: Almost all methods (functions) have been roughly tested but the project is on "Beta test" stage. Please run at your own risk.



Last modified: 2023-04-20


1. Author's Obligation

 The author of ptsxpy will not be held liable for any damage, disadvantages or expenses by using the software. The author has no obligation to provide maintenance, support, updates, enhancements, or modifications.

2. Risks caused by using the ptsxpy

Please bear in mind that trueSpace (tS) may crash or the current tS scene, objects, parameters, or other states may be broken by running the plugin and scripts.  It's recommended to save the important scene and objects before loading or running the plugin

3. Specification changes

The specification of the plugin will change. Your scripts or sample scripts may be able to run on the newer version of the plugin. It's recommended to leave ptsxpy major and minor version (x.y of x.y.z) and Python versoin (2 or 3) as a comment line in your scripts so that you and other readers can distinguish whether the script can run on a specific pair of Python and ptsxpy.

4. Risk of the 3rd party scripts

Beware of malicious scripts that destroy your PC. Some functions can easily change memory in your computer. You may get some 3rd party scripts for the plugin via the FORUM, etc.,but don't believe all people are good guys.

The author will take care not to leave bugs that give your computer fatal damages but there are some possibility of doing that accidentally.