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Index of Korea Penisula Topomap 1 / 50,000 (in about 1915-1920)

The topographic Korean Penisula 1 / 50,000 paper maps are surveyed and printed by Japan's Army Land Survey Department (陸地測量部, Rikuchi Sokuryō bu) during the Taisho era (some of them were revised in the early Showa era). The sections of the 1/50,000 scale topographic map of Korean Penisula are each of the 1/200,000 scale topographic maps (66 sections) divided into 16 equal parts, and the set of 1 / 50,000 has 700+ sheets. Please see the  Related Maps  page for sites where actual maps are published online and search functions for map width, prefecture, county, and island names.

Please note that this division map (index map) does not maintain the aspect ratio of the original map, but changed the width to the same, so the more northern sections appear larger. Please also read the explanation of the   1 / 200,000 topographic map  page.

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The image below is based on an SVG file. Coastlines and the border between each Do (도/道) are mainly obtained by tracing maps published in the public domain, so they contain certain errors and may differ from the current one. You can freely extract it from this page and use, but please understand that the file may be revised at any time. We are not responsible for any damage, loss, or disadvantage incurred by your use.